Our Team

Tamar Markozashvili


Tamar Markozashvili is the driving force behind Amosa. Her expertise in finance and work experience with successful investment projects have played a vital role in shaping Amosa into a flourishing wine-producing company.

Growing up in a family with a multi-generational wine-making tradition, wine was an ever-present casual element in her daily life. Only while pursuing a European MBA in the city of Barcelona, she realized that something as ever-present and ordinary to her as Georgian wine is actually quite unique and valuable. She developed a vision of how to integrate such a traditional, conservative product within modern, youthful, vibrant life.

Since then, Tamar’s vision for Amosa extends beyond tradition and heritage. She envisions a future where Georgian wine proudly stands as a rightful member of the modern wine-producing world. She brings a unique global perspective and modern business practices to the traditional art of Georgian wine-making.

Gogi Dakishvili

Head of Viniculture

Gogi Dakishvili, the Chief Winemaker at Amosa, boasts nearly two decades of experience in viticulture and winemaking. His journey began with a family deeply rooted in winemaking.

He pursued formal education in enology at Odessa’s Lomonosov Food Industry Institute. In 2000, he expanded his knowledge at the University of California, Davis, exploring modern winemaking trends.
Over the years, Gogi Dakishvili has contributed his expertise to various wineries, including Tsinandali, Mildiani, Vinoterra, and Schuchmann.

Gogi’s winemaking philosophy centers on the belief that quality wine starts in the vineyard. His dedication to quality and sustainable winemaking is the hallmark of his winemaking career.

Ana Petriashvili

Head of Marketing


Akaki Jangirashvili

Head of Viticulture