About us

Our Story

We created Amosa with the mission for wine as a drink to be naturally and authentically integrated with the modern lifestyle.

Our openness to novelty, continuous improvement of our business processes, dedication to our values of sustainability and quality: these ideas provide the premises for the authentic high quality Georgian wine to be accessible to contemporary people.

We produce 150’000 bottles annually, blending traditional know-hows with modern management practices and increasing export capabilities. We keep a harmonious balance between quality and quantity, catering to evolving consumer tastes.

As seen in:

Amosa Vision

Local Vision

Creating a new Georgian Wine Culture

High quality wine that is compatible with contemporary lifestyle was not available on the Georgian market, and that’s where Amosa comes in.

Amosa is for those wine-lovers who want to have a glass of wine with dinner.

Global Vision

A new global life for the Georgian wine

Our overarching mission is to dispel the stereotypes stemming from Soviet influence surrounding Georgian wine.

Our efforts are dedicated to introducing Georgian wine in a fresh, authentic light that truly represents Georgia and its wine culture.

Where we are today

In the short span since Amosa’s founding in 2019, we have achieved several important milestones:

Established a fully planted vineyard of 20 hectares equipped with contemporary irrigation systems

Started construction of a modern, easily expandable modular factory and completed constructing the storage unit

Established 3 local warehouses and inhouse distribution processes fully covering Georgia;

Achieved an annual production volume of 120,000 bottles;

Got introduced in more than 100 locations in the Georgian HoReCa sector;

Established a logistical centre in the EU which supplies our products to various European countries;

Created a product assortment of over 15 selections;

Created a unique, modern brand identity and strengthening the brand positioning in key target segments.