Wine Collections


Wines for Every Occasion

For us, wine symbolizes freedom. In today’s world, we have the luxury of experiencing freedom everywhere, on every occasion. This is precisely why we’ve curated a line of both red and white wines, designed to complement any occasion and add a touch of specialness to every situation.

Amosa Collections


Amosa Essentials range caters to both local and international supermarket chains, making these wines easily accessible to a broad audience.


The Contemporary line is dedicated to offering modern wines tailored to contemporary tastes, catering to the preferences of modern wine enthusiasts.

For the Baltics

We’ve been working on the Baltics market for several years. Our efforts are dedicated to introducing Georgian wine in a fresh, authentic light that truly represents Georgia and its wine culture.

Other Collections


As for our Exclusive wines, these are curated as limited collector’s editions and themed for various charity causes annually, appealing to those who seek the rarity and refinement in their wine selections.


Thou Art a Vineyard

Thou Art a Vineyard is a medieval Georgian hymn. The hymn is dedicated to Georgia and the patronage of the Virgin Mary. This wine brand was inspired by this hymn and represents the connection between the Georgian musical choir legacy and traditional viiculture.


Our production line of Traditional wines was made exclusively for international markets. Traditional Georgian wines are well known and loved in many states.
We have created traditional line to highlight classical tastes of Georgian wine varieties and share value of 8000 years winemaking tradition.